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Life in slow motion

26 October
Hey :) I'm Ash, I'm 22 from Scotland. I'm most nerdy, paranoid, gullable, random, happy, immature, but insanely awkward simple person you'll ever meet.

My life =
Being around my closest friends and family, random drunken nights, laughing till I can barely breathe, shopping in edinburger or glasgow, bein overly excited when i'm just a little bit fatter (it dont happen a lot, trust me), cam whore occasions, endless rounds of Mario Kart, wii nights, movie nights, Hollyoaks, Martin Johnson, Alex Davies, Dougie Poynter, TWILIGHT MADNESS!!!!!!!, Twilight saga, the beautifulness that is Edward Cullen - bringing sexy back since 1918 ;) . dancing really badly to cheesy music, ice cream, make up, hair dye, getting flung out of Spoons, being BARRED from spoons, Cherry sourz :D . cheesy poofs, chocolate buttons, ribena, Paramore, Hayley Williams, Charmed, Friends, Family Guy, Harry Potter, my nintendo wii, my ipod, standing for 12 hours in the freezing cold for an Elliot Minor gig (3 times and counting ;) ).having the ability to admit i'm wrong and that i'm sorry, being extremely gullable, blonde moments when i'm a redhead, honesty, loving life and not wasting it.